Tuesday, April 29, 2008

From the sitters house to yours!

Here are some pictures the babysitter took last week. She occasionally does this and sends them to me at work. The one below is Harrison and his t-shirt. Miss Cindy said he kept playing with hhis shirt over his head until he finally worked it all the way behind hid head. She said he cracked up once he accomplished this. He went on to do it three more times and she finally just left it that way. What a hoot! He looks like an little redneck, doesn't he? and what's with the hand...!?
Our growing girl is so big! She fed Harrison a jar of bananas all by herself tonight! Such a good helper!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Look

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! My sweet friend Connie at http://mommy24treasures.blogspot.com/ fixed up our Team Chenoweth site. I LOVE it! What a lucky gal I am to have such a wonderful blog buddy like her! Thanks again for sprucing us up here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gator Bait

When we were down in Destin with my sister-in-law, Kim, and the girls, we went to Fudpuckers. Hannah, Gracie, and a sick Corie (fever of 102.4) hold Allie the gator. Harrison and Nana even got in on the action! He liked how the skin/hide felt.

The girls got some "Gator Bait" and put it on the rod. They were a little let down as the gators were not hungry The gator bait is the stuff that looks like dog food.

Here is my little thumbsucker with Mommy and a big 'ol gator.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Imaginary Matthew"- 0 Mommy-1

OK, so I've posted about Gracie's imaginary friends (The group keeps growing by the way!) Well, the other day I found myself in a showdown with the ringleader! Gracie and I are at the kitchen table while I am feeding Harrison and Gracie shot me a sideways look. Here is how it went down:
Me: "Where did you learn to look at Mommy like that?"
Gracie: "From Matthew" (Imaginary friend)
Me: "That is not very nice. If he can't be nice, he will not be allowed to play with you."
Gracie: "He said he will not be nice."
Me: "If he wants to play with you he will."
Gracie: "He said he will not."
Me: "Then he will have to go home."
Gracie: "He said he won't go home!"
Me: "Yes, he will. I will not allow him to play if he is going to be mean."
Gracie: "Mommy, he is not leaving."
Me: "Yes he is. See, he gone."
Gracie: "No, look. He is right there in front of you!" (Pointing at the floor in front of me)
Me: (Pretending to talk to the space he occupies) "Matthew, you must go home because you are
not playing nice. When you decide to be sweet, you can come over again."
Gracie: "He's still here!" (smiling)
Me: (Starting to get a little frustrated) "OK, then I guess I will have to take him to the door."
Gracie: "He's still not leaving."
Me: (I pretend to take him by the arm and escort him to the door leading to the garage) "Go
home Matthew. Do NOT come back until you can be nice!" (I shut the door and return to
the table)
Gracie: "He will just come back in through the door Mommy."
Me: "No, he won't."
Gracie: "But, how do you know?"
Me: "Because, I locked the door and I have the key."
Gracie: "Oh. Well, maybe he can come back Friday at 10 o'clock then. OK?"

Score one for Mommy! (It WAS a close one though!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beach Trip #2

Here is our second trip to Destin in as many weeks. This time it only rained on Saturday, but it brought a cold front! It was a girls' weekend (plus Harrison). Nana came and Aunt Kim (Harry's sister) and the girls (Hannah and Corie) met us there. We had a great time. Poor Corie battled a 102 degree fever, but was quite the trooper! I think we all could have used a few more sunny days down there, but it was nice to see Daddy again too. Hannah in her suit. I like to call this one "Strike a Pose" ;-0 (Hannah, how did Dad like the suit?)
Corie Beth is among Gracie's favorite people. What a cutie!
Making sand castles is tough work!
The girls and their giant hole. Hannah worked forever on this.
Gracie and Corie played a little Frisbee too.

Here is Gracie before dinner with Dixie and gang.
Waiting with Nana to go pay WAY too much for fondue dinner at Melting Pot. It got really chilly! Sorry again, Kim! I STILL feel so bad, but at least we know now!
Finally! A pretty day at the beach! Harrison chills out under the umbrella checking out the beach babes!
My very own beach babe making yet another sand castle
Harrison and Aunt Kim. He feel asleep in my arms (under a beach towel) shortly after this picture. He was wiped out!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beach Weekend #1

Here are some pictures from our first beach trip to Destin. This trip was with Daddy. We have a friend who has a house down there, and we always get first dibs when they aren't using it. It was cloudy and rainy the entire weekend, but we still managed to let Gracie make a few sand castles and put Harrison's feet in the sand for the first time. He did not like when the cold water washed over his toes. We hit the Silver Sands Outlet Mall (Largest Designer Outlet Mall in US) and, as always, drove to Grayton Beach to eat at the Red Bar. They have the absolute BEST crab cakes EVER! Just ask Sheryl Crow and Jim Carrey (He filmed the Truman Show near there).
Here are the kids after dinner at the Red Bar
Gracie is a really great big sister. We'll see if that changes when he starts crawling and getting into her stuff. really close!
Gracie took this picture.
My LOVES!!!!
His first time at the beach.
Ok, this is all my LOVES! (The big one- most of the time! ;-) )
"Mama, it's LOUD!"
PLEASE disregard my "Pregnancy-induced Rosacea" Yuck!! I ONLY posted this one because it is SO cute of Harrison and I am a novice at how to edit pics...
Making a sandcastle on a gloomy day...
Lunch at the Crab Trap!
I'll add pictures of the second weekend tomorrow...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Week in a Nutshell...

I am stealing this idea from Christine -'cause I liked it!
My week in a nutshell:
1. Took a family weekend getaway to Destin, FL (beach) last weekend
2. Rained ALL weekend!
3. Went to family cookout Sunday night
4. Got VIOLENTLY ill in middle of night Sun/Mon.
5. Visited emergency room to receive IV fluids for dehydration Monday evening
6. Went back to work today still feeling icky
7. Harry gave Harrison a bath for the first time (he's 8 months old!!)
8. Taking the kiddos and Nana back to Destin for another weekend getaway
and also meeting Aunt Kim and cousins, Hannah and Corie there
9. Forecast for beach weekend: MORE RAIN AND COLD FRONT!!!
Please pray for us! (and on a serious note, pray for the kids to be protected from the crud I had/have... Thanks! See ya Monday!
PS- here are some pictures from my mom's (aka NANA) birthday party at putt-putt golf in March...
Ethan and Gracie
Little Boy Blue!
Copping a Squat!
Gracie gets golf lessons from Daddy
Chillin' with Aunt KK

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Diva Party

A couple of weeks ago, Gracie went to Avery's ( a friend) birthday party. It was a Diva Party! Each girl got to dress up in fancy outfits, have hair. make up, and nails done, dance and sing karaoke on stage. It was so cute! Gracie has decided (for the moment anyway) that she wants to have her 4 year old party there. Here is Gracie getting her hair fixed. You could choose between a "princess" or "rock star" look. She chose princess and the girl next to her chose rock star...
Gracie also got to pick the colors of make up to put on. Wait for it.......
Ta Da! Gold eyes and green lips!!! Beautiful combo choice, Baby!
Maybe she has a little rock star in her too... (like her Daddy!)
Oh yeah, and you may have noticed there has been a wardrobe change! (Both outfits were her favorite color)
Here are the girls learning how to do the "Cha Cha Shuffle" It was so cute!
Most of the dancing pictures I snapped were blurry as they moved at different times and I am still figuring out my camera.
Nail Time. Gracie picked out Lime Green. Each of the girls also got to keep their crown and tiara. What girlie fun!!!! Thanks for inviting us Avery!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008