Thursday, May 28, 2009

Springtime Pictures

The kiddos with Santa Claus... (Just wanted to see if you're paying attention!)

At the park

Gracie is a great big sister

Making wishes before throwing their pennies into the fountain.

How did I get so lucky?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Game Time!

Gracie working the pitcher's mound
(click on the pic to enlarge it so you can see her sweet tongue)

Back at the first practice, the coaches taught the kiddos how to field balls and this was the pose that stuck! She stood like this pretty much EVERY time she was in the outfield! How cute is she!?

Ethan standing still for once!

Harrison wears this batting helmet around the house 24/7! He cracks us up!

"Hey batter, batter!"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

T-Ball Practice

So back in March, Gracie started her first year playing T-Ball. Harry, (aka Coach "Daddy" as he makes Gracie call him) and Uncle Shawn are her coaches and her cousin, Ethan, was on her team too. These are from her first practice.

Of course Harrison had to get in on the action too!

I'll post the game pics tomorrow night!

I'm Baaaaack!

OK, so I know I really have done a poor job of keeping up lately, but in my defense, things have been absolutely crazy! Some of my best friends have given up blogging and tried to recruit me over to the "dark side" ... Facebook. I will probably join just to keep up with what's new on their end, but I plan to be much better at this blog-thing over the summer! School's out after next week and it's on like Donkey Kong!! Look out blog-world! I am planning to post a few random pictures from the last few months tonight. I had over 600 pictures on my camera (don't worry, I am NOT going to post that many!) Our hard drive had to be replaced last month and I had nowhere to upload them, so I know I have a ton of catching up to do! See you all tonight! (If there are still any people checking in...)