Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ho Ho Ho!

This was also at the street festival on December 1st. He was a cute Santa as opposed to the one at our mall... Yikes!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snow in 72 degree weather!?!

OK, so the city of Dothan decided to host a winter street festival and include snow from a snow blower. Sounds good in theory, right? Well, the weekend ended up being unseasonably warm- in the 70s! Anyway, I had pumped up the kids all week about seeing snow and making snowballs... When we get there, it is an absolute free-for-all! Adults and teenagers had taken over the small children's play area and were shooting snowballs SO incredibly hard they were like missiles. I was not going to send them in alone, so I decided to send my mom and Harrison out of harm's way and try to find a spot where I could shelter Gracie and Ethan as they played in a corner. NOT HAPPENING! Within the first minute we are on the snow, which by the way had become compacted and was now just slippery ice, I was pelted square in the nose and mouth! I literally thought my nose was broken or bleeding or something. It wasn't, but as I escorted the kids back over to my mom, people were commenting on how red my face was and that I had a fat lip! The kids were heartbroken, but I tried to explain it just wasn't safe. Later in the afternoon, as we walked to see Santa, I noticed it was much chaotic, so we decided to let the kids try again. It worked out well for about 15 minutes, but then more teenagers and adult men came and took over ruining the fun for all the younger ones- and me! I was again hit in the back of the head, and the rear-end! Those things hurt! Anyway, the kids still enjoyed themselves and after I chastised one of those wild teenagers who almost knocked Gracie down, I felt much better...(Of course, the ice-ball to the back of my head came not too long after that! Hmmm... maybe there is a connection...)
Smiling pretty
Ethan with an ice-ball! The kids had fun throwing them at my legs!
Gracie with an ice-ball on her head!

Me and Gracie in the middle of the anarchy- just before we left for the second time.
Trying to scrape up enough ice to form a ball
Lookout Mommy!

Ella Grace LOVED her pink mittens!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Pictures of Team Chenoweth

We were not planning to be in any photos, but on the spur of the moment, the photographer had us sit in for a couple of pictures. They turned out pretty good.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Harrison looks just like his Daddy
Our beautiful babies.
These were the last shots of the day and Gracie was starting to tire and getting cold...
Here she is getting ready to fling brother out of his bouncy seat. After a warning and notice of a possible treat on the way home...
We are ALL better! As soon as this one was snapped, she was ready to get in the truck to go get ssaid treat!
This one is my favorite. I think I will blow it up and frame it.
SO happy!!!!
Looking at his Daddy
He had a meltdown right before this shot!
Harrison Cole is ready for Jesus's birthday.

Smiling "like an angel"... Awww!
Daddy was directing Gracie to do all these different poses... This one is "Sad Face"
"Touch Down!!!" (With spirit fingers. This is also Daddy-instigated)
Smiling like an angel again.
"Number ONE!!!"

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Putting up the tree...

Making carpet angels!
Awww, sweet!
Harrison was a HUGE help!
Drool Bucket!!!!
Ready to hang the ornaments... last year she called the ornaments presents as we hung each one. She was so excited! She makes Christmas so much fun!
Chewing a cookie, but still so sweet, if I do say so...


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Harrison is 3 Months Old Already!

These are Harrison Cole's 3 month portraits. We took them the same day as Gracie's 3 year old shots at a local vineyard.
Smiling at Daddy
My precious baby boy...
Doesn't it look like he's saying a prayer?
He sucks on his bottom lip all the time and it makes his lip disappear.
Drool Bucket!
He LOVES Gracie! She can make him giggle so easily. The pictures right after this one, Harrion got ahold of her hair and would NOT let go! Too funny! Harry didn't even complain about Harrison's "sissy- boy" outfit! It was a good day!

Friday, November 30, 2007

More 3 year shots...

Hammimg it up for the photographer
Gracie loves getting her picture made now

She puts her arms around us and says, "This is my whole fam-i-ly!" (She really pronounces each phoneme in the word family. It is so cute!)

Mommy and her angels

Harry thinks he looks cooler in his shades, and I did not realize he was wearing them until the end of the afternoon when the photographer asked him to take them off. He said, "Do I have to?" ARGHHH! Harry hates to have his picture taken.