Friday, August 6, 2010

Random Summer Fun with the Chenoweth Gang

Gracie is a budding photographer and has been experimenting with my camera. This is one of her famous shots.

My BFF, Stacy, and I took our kiddos to St. Andrews State Park. No tar balls here! Below is Harrison, Lanie, Gracie, and Ethan

Little man was running circles around me.

We drove down to SW Florida for a visit with my dad. They love Grandpa!

My girl on Sanibel Island

Cousins: Austin, Gracie, Aidan, and Harrison on Sanibel


Little Surfer Girl

Fort Myers, Florida at our family reunion

Nephew, Aidan, at the family reunion

Scuba Steve!

My Aunt Cathy and I at the reunion

I love his sweet grin

his too when he actually smiles!


juliebean said...

looks like a nice summer! :) You passed by me a few times this summer. :) I am heading back that way in October.

wawan hai said...

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